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Floor displays

How do you stimulate impulse buys?

Imagine a mother looking for a good sun cream at the pharmacy. Or a man at the supermarket, hesitating about which beer to buy. No more hesitation with a great floor display! A floor display is guaranteed to capture their attention first and inspire trust. Sales? Check!

Off-shelf presentation through floor displays

A floor display is also the ideal solution for shopper activations. Showcase a new product, boost sales or increase your product’s visibility by giving it extra attention.

  • Did you know that 55% of purchasing decisions are only taken in-store?

You want to sell your products through retail channels.

How should you go about it?

PUL instore has extensive expertise in the design, development and production of displays. We can advise you on the best ways to introduce your product in various retail channels:

  • With 50 years’ experience in counter displays, we’re here to help!
  • Discover your target audience’s top-of-mind.
  • Join our countless satisfied clients, including many top A brands and famous companies.
  • We work with any material, from plastic to cardboard, metal and composites.
  • You can also opt for a durable production method. Don’t hesitate to ask us for the available materials.
  • Our designers will assist you through each stage of the process. We ask the right questions and take charge of everything, from A to Z.
  • No need for expertise in point-of-sale materials. Leave it to us, we’re the experts!
  • We supply our solutions to any retail channel. Need advice?

We’ve selected a few beautiful examples of floor displays.

suncreams floordisplay

Floor displays for sun creams

This thematic floor display for sun creams is showcased in stores every summer. The basis is a solid metal frame with plastic parts. The cardboard cover can be adjusted every year for the latest Nivea solar-product campaigns. Sturdy, easily adjustable and very durable.

Floor display for shoe protection sprays

A great way to capture customers’ attention in-store. Placed in a central position in-store, with beautiful images, customers will have no choice but to grab a product, making an impulse buy.It’s also a great way to showcase this brand of shoe protection sprays to customers of the shoe shop.

Floordisplay for extra attention

Floor display for extra attention

How do you showcase a new, small product?

Labellino is a new lip balm available in various fruit fragrances. Labellino opted for a floor display that showcases the famous brand, Labello, with beautiful, large images of fruit. Simply by looking at them you can imagine how amazing this lip balm smells!

This floor display contributed to a great product launch and boosted the envisaged impulse buys in-store.

Floordisplay recycle purpose

Floor display for the recycling of plastic bottles

Mark our works, soon every sports club in the Netherlands will have one of these displays. Bar-le-Duc uses it to collect its empty water bottles. The brand launched this amazing initiative to contribute to a cleaner future. Bar-le-Duc joined forces with PUL instore for the design and production of this recycling container.

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