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In-store innovations

What would you like to find out about your target audience? 

PUL instore is your ideal partner for all technologies that bring you closer to your target audience in-store.

Facial recognition

As a retailer, you can use facial recognition to adapt advertising or services to meet the needs of specific customers. This allows you to change what is displayed on your screens as soon as a customer walks in. It also gives retailers and marketers an insight into the purchasing behaviour of customers in the physical store, and into the target group reach.

Fragrance marketing

Fragrances trigger associations and influence our mood and behaviour. Keen to find out how you can successfully use fragrance marketing? PUL instore has extensive experience in the use of fragrance marketing in-store, shop-in-shop presentations and product promotions with displays or on-shelf presentations.

VAS - Visual Attention Software

. What do consumers look at the first three seconds?

. Which colour works best on my display?

. What should I put on my topcard?

. Which part of my shop-in-shop captures the attention first?

VAS (Visual Attention Software) answers all of these questions and tells you the optimal set-up for your display, shop-in-shop or store.

Which information is missing for you to take the right sales decisions? Book an appointment? We would love to tell you more about these in-store innovations!