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Mailshots PUL instore


How can you reach your target audiences?

With a mailshot of course! A mailshot showcases what you have to offer various target groups on a market that is likely to be saturated with similar seemingly comparable products and services. People can say whatever they like, a mailshot always sets you apart. A custom product, teaser, direct or influencer mailshot subtly encourages your potential customers to make a purchase.

The first contact has been made!

Regardless of your target audience, be it a purchaser or an influencer on the consumer market, a mailshot can capture the attention in a very targeted manner, appealing to just the right audience. Your product is guaranteed to sell!

  • Did you know that 70% of well-thought-out mailshots are not thrown away, but given a prominent mailshot at the office.

You want everyone to know about your product.

How should you go about it?

PUL instore is also specialised in mailshots. We have the in-house expertise to develop and send out a creative mailshot. We know exactly which format, shape or fragrance best suits your product or service. Upon request we can also assist you in the selection process and dispatching of the mailshot by post.

  • With 50 years’ experience in catchy mailshots, you can count on us!
  • Discover your target audience’s top-of-mind.
  • Join our countless satisfied clients, including many top A brands and famous companies.
  • We work with any material, from plastic to cardboard, metal and composites.
  • You can also opt for a durable production method. Don’t hesitate to ask us for the available materials.
  • Tell us which person or group you are targeting, why and with what. Our designers will present you with some fun proposals. Because at the end of the day, a mailshot should be fun, right? Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?
  • We work with producers from every sector. What can we do for you?

Here is an overview of the different types of mailshots we offer.

Which one suits your product best?

Influencer mailshot

Surprise and inform influencers with a targeted mailshot. Today, virtually all companies have joined forces with social-media influencers who write or create videos of their likes and dislikes in their niche markets. Make sure you’re top-of-mind by surprising them with your latest products through a cool influencer mailshot.

Product mailshot

Are you launching a new product? Don’t keep it a secret, because not all interested consumers check your website daily. A product mailshot is your best bet, because it allows your target group to see, smell, taste or feel your product. Tickle the senses!

Teaser mailshot

A teaser mailshot is a nice way to announce your trade fair or conference, or to inform your audience of changes in your organisation. A fun gift featuring your message is always nice to receive, and no one will throw it away. The first step? You’ve captured their attention!

Direct mailshot

Surprise your audience with something tangible. PUL instore knows that developing a catchy direct mailshot is an art. We can come up with a suitable direct mailshot for any product, service or announcement, to guarantee maximum conversion.

Would you like a quote for a mailshot?