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Product Packaging

Packaging does all the work:

The communicative role of packaging is becoming increasingly important, both online and offline. After all, you want your customers to fall in love with your brand.

The packaging needs to make a good first impression in terms of quality, price and brand experience.

  • Did you know that 55% of purchasing decisions are taken in response to emotions?

You want everyone to know about your product.

How should you go about it?

PUL instore specialises in packaging and has extensive expertise in developing creative packaging that meets the main design criteria:

  • Functionality: the packaging should protect the product
  • Ergonomics: the packaging should be user-friendly
  • Catchiness: you should stand out among your competitors
  • Categorisation: consumers should be able to assess the value of your product
  • Fun: just seeing the packaging should make consumers smile
  • Relatability: consumers want to be able to relate to a good product (and its packaging)
  • Relatability and aesthetic values are particularly important, and subconsciously push consumers towards a decision.

    In a nutshell, well-thought-out packaging is a must... And that happens to be our expertise!

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Which one suits your product best?

Product packaging

Of course consumers buy your product, not your packaging. But let’s be honest, the packaging should be nice to look at too! How do consumers decide what to buy when they are presented with five comparable products? You guessed it, the one with the most striking packaging. After all, the right packaging sells!

Gift packaging

Gift packaging instantly turns a product into a gift. So much fun to give and to receive! Added value without added costs.

Offer your customers a user-friendly packaging and they’re guaranteed to be more inclined to buying your products.

Check out the options!

Introductory packaging

Imagine you want to put a new product in the spotlight. How should you go about it? A specially designed introductory packaging introduces your product to potential customers in a fun way. But there’s more! It allows you to provide a lot of information to answer any questions they may have. And it makes them curious to find out about your other products, boosting your brand’s visibility.

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