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Lots of opportunities to entice your customers!

Check out our range of in-store communication and sales-boosting materials

Displays and permanent point-of-sale materials

From shop-in-shops to permanent displays

Permanent Point of Sale materials are the ideal solution to promote your product long-term!

Encourage impulse buys at the till

A counter display is the ideal solution to put small products in the spotlight and provide info.

Capture the attention, not only on the shelf

A floor display is the ideal solution to put your products centre stage, not only on the shelves.

Mailshots, packaging and custom-made solutions

Surprise and inform

Mailshots allow you to inform your target audience on your latest products or services, or to share other news!

Good packaging sells

Packaging boosts visibility and exudes the right feel. Inform and persuade customers to boost your sales.

What are you looking for?

Missing something? We can produce custom-made cardboard, plastic or metal solutions for each shopper activation.